At Rubtile® we believe in doing business in the most honest and ethical way. We secure the highest quality raw materials at the most competitive price.

What is the Rubtile®

Rubtile® is a Green Product manufactured from rubber granules. In general, rubber 

granules can be made from every kind of scrap rubber mainly used tires, but for Rubtile®, only premium grade virgin rubber scraps are used to produce granules.

Rubtile® is an excellent alternative to surfaces. They make an area safer and more comfortable. Rubber tiles give a softer surface under the feet and a great experience to those walking on it.

Rubber Tiles from Rubber Designs are designed for playground and recreational use. Available in varying thicknesses to meet critical fall heights. Tiles are available in colored standard.

Where we need Rubtile®?

Rubtile®  give a softer surface under the feet and designed to be used in a wide range of places indoor/outdoor like:

  • Children play ground, outdoor and indoor
  • Pools (inside and around) and SPAs
  • Sport playing fields and gyms
  • Training centers and weight rooms
  • Skating rings
  • Roof tops & decks
  • Public passageways especially in ramps and slippery areas
  • Equestrians, pet farms and gardens
  • Industrial flooring
  • Any other place needs shock and sound absorption